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Vanderbilt Interdisciplinary Hospital-based Systems of Care Research Training Program (VISTA)
NHLBI T32 Training Program

The Vanderbilt Interdisciplinary Hospital-based Systems of Care Research Training ProgrAm (VISTA) is a two-year T32 training program supported by the National Institutes of Health and National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. VISTA will train 2-3 new postdoctoral investigators per year with a focus on patient-oriented and health systems research for acute heart, lung, blood, or sleep disorders in the hospital setting. Grounded in the learning health system model, scholars will participate in individualized training and mentored research to develop an academic career focused on the following clinical environments:
1.    Emergency medicine
2.    Hospital medicine

Each VISTA scholar will be guided by an individualized multidisciplinary team of experienced mentors with clinical expertise in hospital-based care of heart, lung, blood, or sleep disorders and methodological expertise in discovery, evidence translation, data science, policy and epidemiology, and operations research, with a focus on health equity. Through didactics, one-on-one mentoring sessions, and regular seminars, VISTA T32 scholars will receive interdisciplinary training to prepare them for the next stage in their research training career and progression towards a career as an independent scientist. 
  • MD/DO, PharmD, DDS, PhD, or other doctoral equivalent in disciplines relevant to learning health systems (e.g., health economics, policy, nursing, psychology, social work, epidemiology, informatics etc.)  
  • Ability to devote 40 hours per week of full-time effort to research and career development 
  • US citizen or non-citizen national, or have been admitted for permanent residence 
  • Trainees must focus their research development and projects on health care delivery in the United States 
Michael Ward MD, PhD, MBA: 
  • Co-Director, Emergency Medicine
Alan Storrow, MD:
  • Co-Director, Emergency Medicine
Sunil Kripalani MD, MSc, SFHM, FACP:
  • Co-Director, Hospital Medicine
For general inquiries, please contact the Program Manager: Katy Branson, MEd, (
To start the application process, please click here to complete this REDCap form
Useful Links

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