Source: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Visualizing Health Equity: One Size Does Not Fit All Infographic (2017)

At Vanderbilt University Medical Center, we care for a very diverse patient population.  Understanding the needs of our patients and the challenges they face surrounding healthcare will help us more adequately address health disparities that exist and advocate for our patients to achieve health equity. We are actively engaging with the VUMC Office of Health Equity on several projects, including offering a resident elective in health equity and identifying barriers to follow up care after ED discharge.


The Vanderbilt Emergency Medicine Health Equity and Policy Fellowship is a 1-year fellowship that began as a joint venture between the VUMC Emergency Department, the Meharry-Vanderbilt Alliance, and the Office of Health Equity in 2020 with its inaugural fellow. The goals of the fellowship is to prepare emergency medicine-trained graduates for careers as outstanding clinicians who employ a scholarly approach to health equity, educate on social determinants of health, and frame their clinical work using a health equity lens.

This fellowship is designed to study and educate on social determinants of health and interventions promoting health equity, to create and perpetuate an organized emergency medicine public health research agenda, and to advocate for policy and legislative interventions. The fellow will receive an appointment as an Instructor of Emergency Medicine and work a reduced load of clinical shifts as an attending in the VUMC Emergency Department.


This fellowship will support development of 11 competencies across 4 domains:


Upon completion, the graduate will be prepared to assume a position as a clinician cognizant of social determinants of health as they relate to their patient population, possess tangible skills in public health programming, and research, and have administrative, educational, and leadership responsibilities promoting health equity. 


See article about current fellow here.

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