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Nashville is so fun! I've been here for 24 years and am constantly discovering cool things to do! Nashville's scene is all about live music, great food, and outdoor activities.

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In addition to its famous role as the “Music City” you will find Nashville to be a booming, diverse, inclusive city with something for everyone: from the beloved Predators to Radnor Lake State Park to the Ryman Auditorium to some of the most exciting cuisine in the Southeast.


Nashville is a lively Southern city with diverse opportunities from friendly people, great food, lots of outdoor activities, and live music! 


Life in Nashville is the best of both worlds. As both 'Music City' and the new #1 travel destination for young adults in the world, you get a lot of exciting restaurants, concerts, events, and more that can keep you entertained on your day off. However, it is still a relatively small 'big city' for how much excitement there is, so there is lots of space for yourself, and beautiful middle Tennessee provides a fantastic outdoor playground and a friendly neighborhood feel. 


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