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Meharry Medical College Students

Welcome to Emergency Medicine!

We offer multiple experiences and courses across all years of medical school to help you learn more about the specialty of emergency medicine as well as to acquire the knowledge and skills to manage common emergencies regardless of specialties!

EM Experiences & Courses for MMC Students

Opportunities for Pre-Clinical and Clerkship Students 

Observational Experiences: Interested students should contact Dr. Kendra Parekh ( to learn more.

Opportunities for Post-Clerkship Students

EM Advanced Clinical Elective (EM ACE):

All visiting students must have completed the core clerkships at their home institution. Visiting student spots are available in June, July, August, and September. The rotation follows the VUSM academic calendar and you must be available for the duration of the rotation.


The EM ACE will introduce you to emergency medicine and the initial management strategies for common life-threatening emergencies. You will develop an approach to common undifferentiated patient complaints and a practical skill set in basic airway management, electrocardiogram interpretation, and resuscitation. During the course there are didactic sessions as well as procedure labs and high-fidelity simulations. Clinical shifts are spread across a variety of practice settings (adult and pediatrics) and offer a broad exposure to emergency care. On shift, you will work closely with emergency medicine faculty and residents to identify sick patients and develop differential diagnoses and management plan

Interested students should apply through VSLO.


Click here ( to apply.


Why Emergency Medicine?

Whether your contribution to medicine will be made in Emergency Medicine or another specialty, emergencies occur in all specialties and in life (e.g., “Is there a doctor on the plane?”). Thus, it is vitally important for you to have the tools to deal with common emergencies that you are likely to encounter during your residency or even in life.

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