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Incoming residents are assigned a faculty mentor before intern year even begins, forming a mentorship family consisting of a resident in each class and a faculty member. A formal mentorship family connects interns immediately with senior residents who are able to answer questions and serve as an additional support system as they navigate the beginning of residency. 

Being part of a mentorship family  means residents are connected throughout residency with a go-to advisor for career and life advice. Mentorships with other faculty members also naturally form as a resident progresses through the program and identifies faculty whose career interests (or hobbies) match their own.

My faculty mentor has been amazing at providing feedback throughout residency on my clinical skills and overall development as a resident, and she is the first person I ask about career advice and help with planning my future.

Vandy has such a close-knit group and my big sib had great advice whenever I came across unfamiliar territory. I can't wait to pay it forward to the next class and grow our #VandyFam even more!

I was so glad to have a "big sib" to ask all of my questions to during orientation month and especially during my first month off-service. 

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