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Diversity and Inclusion are Core Values of Vandy EM

The Vanderbilt Department of Emergency Medicine is pleased to offer a stipend for visiting URM students to complete a 4-week Emergency Medicine rotation at VUMC. The selected student will receive a $2000 stipend to cover transportation, lodging, meals, and other necessary expenses. Applications are due no later than March 25th, 2024 at 5 PM CDT. The application can be found here.

Notifications about acceptance will be sent no later than April 30, 2024. Email with any questions. 


Diversity and inclusion are core values of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Vanderbilt. The URM Visiting Student Stipend is designed to promote awareness about our residency program and increase diversity in the pursuit of our mission to discover and teach how to treat each patient with dignity and respect – anyone, anything, anytime – and to deliver this care every single day. 


To be eligible the student must: 

  • Be in good academic standing

  • Be pursuing a career in emergency medicine 

  • Be committed to completing the EM Advanced Clinical Elective (ACE) at Vanderbilt  

  • Have completed their core clerkships by the start of the rotation

Application Process

To apply: 

  1. Complete an application in VSLOE for the Emergency Medicine Advanced Clinical Elective (EM 5950). Please be aware that all institutional requirements need to be met (e.g., immunizations, etc.). 

  2. Complete the Vandy EM URM Visiting Student Stipend Application.

  3. In the application, you will need to:

    • Write a short statement about why you would like to do a rotation in EM at Vanderbilt (500 words).

    • Provide the name of the faculty member who will be writing a letter of recommendation

Ti James

My name is Ti James, the 2021 Vandy EM URM Visiting Student stipend recipient and a current VUMC EM resident. This stipend was integral to my success during my away rotation at VUMC due to the financial stability that it provided, in regard to transportation, lodging, meals, and other necessary expenses. This stipend allotted me the opportunity to focus primarily on learning from the dedicated EM physicians who continually strived to develop my thought process from that of a medical student into the mindset of a prepared EM physician. Those physicians continue to serve as mentors to me and assist me in developing projects that merge medical education and advocacy in the realm of emergency medicine. Lastly, this stipend was integral in providing a walkable and lovely living environment in Downtown Nashville, where I was able to enjoy the delightful cuisines, diverse cultures, and historic monuments that Nashville has to offer.

Ife Akisanya

My name is Ife Akisanya and I am a fourth-year medical student at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine. I am applying to match into Emergency Medicine this year, and I am very grateful to have received the Vanderbilt EM URM Stipend for Visiting Medical Students in 2022. Having to pay for the expenses related to 4th year of medical school can be overwhelming. Fortunately, I was able to secure a stipend that covered all my living and traveling costs during my clinical rotation at Vanderbilt, giving me one less thing to worry about. I had the privilege of working at Vanderbilt and learning from an incredibly diverse and complex group of patients in a highly renowned quaternary care medical institution.  I was lucky to have worked with attending physicians and residents who weren't just extraordinarily talented as practitioners, but also served as incredible teachers. Thanks to the didactic and clinical education I received during my rotation, I have developed a lot as a future physician.

Jared Escobar.jpg

Jared Escobar

My name is Jared Escobar and having the opportunity to train at Vanderbilt was an incredible experience. Everyone made the month rotation incredibly enjoyable, and the leadership went out of their way to provide the best quality didactic and clinical experience at one of the premier programs in the country. Coming from the Hispanic community and Marine Corps veteran community, having been offered the URM stipend allowed me to travel to Vanderbilt without causing a financial burden on my wife and two young children. I highly recommend this rotation, especially to those in medicine from underrepresented communities. It was an absolute privilege to train at Vanderbilt

Jordan Couceyro

My name is Jordan Couceyro, I’m a current M4 at Emory University applying into Emergency Medicine, and I had the honor of being selected as the recipient of the Vandy EM URM Visiting Student Stipend in 2023. As a proud Cuban from Miami, FL who once called Vanderbilt home during my undergraduate years, this stipend was a game-changer in facilitating my away rotation experience in Emergency Medicine. The financial support provided by the stipend not only relieved the burden of travel, lodging, and daily expenses but also allowed me to immerse myself fully in the exceptional learning environment at Vanderbilt. It enabled me to focus on refining my skills and knowledge under the guidance of dedicated EM physicians who are not only experts in their field but also committed and compassionate mentors. The didactic and clinical experiences in this rotation were some of the best I’ve had and significantly contributed to my professional development.  I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to contribute my skills and learn from the compassionate, and I look forward to carrying the lessons and experiences gained during this rotation into my future endeavors as a physician. It was a pleasure and privilege to work with everyone and get to enjoy all that Nashville has to offer again.

Courceyro-Jordan-002 (1).jpg

Why Emergency Medicine?

Whether your contribution to medicine will be made in Emergency Medicine or another specialty, emergencies occur in all specialties and in life (e.g., “Is there a doctor on the plane?”). Thus, it is vitally important for you to have the tools to deal with common emergencies that you are likely to encounter during your residency or even in life.

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