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Dr Langston is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Vanderbilt University. He grew up in North Carolina where he spent 12 years after high school as an EMT-Paramedic. While working as a Paramedic, he graduated from East Carolina University with a B.A. in Anthropology. He graduated medical school from Ben Gurion University’s Medical School for International Health, in Beersheva Israel, in 2007. After completing a residency in Emergency Medicine at Wayne State University in 2010, he completed a Fellowship in International Emergency Medicine at Vanderbilt University.

Dr Langston has travelled extensively and has worked on Emergency Medicine projects in multiple countries. His current academic interests include EMS development in underdeveloped nations, International Emergency Medicine, and Military Medicine. When he is not traveling, he enjoys cooking, gardening, photography, tending his small vineyard, and spending time with his wife and two dogs.


Shannon Langston, MD

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

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