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Kevin began his healthcare career in 1985 as an emergency nurse and EMT working in rural southern Georgia. He started at Vanderbilt in 1989 in the Emergency Department and began working as a flight nurse at Vanderbilt LifeFlight in 1993. In 2007, Kevin began working with the Department of Emergency Medicine/Emergency Services. He serves as a faculty member teaching on topics surrounding airway management, trauma care, EMS and air medical transport. He coordinates and teaches our airway lab; centered on core and advanced airway management and resuscitative skills using fresh tissue cadavers. His clinical duties include overseeing the intake and resuscitation for our trauma population and actively provides clinical guidance and teaching for Emergency Department staff.

In November of 2003 Kevin was named the Association of Air Medical Service's Air Medical Crew Member of the Year at the Air Medical Transport Conference in Reno, NV. In 2009 he was awarded the Faculty Teaching Award by the Vanderbilt Department of Emergency medicine for his efforts in teaching. Kevin is the Past President of the Air/Surface Transport Nurses Association (ASTNA) an international association representing flight/transport nurses. He was chosen to provide expert testimony at the 2009 National Transportation Safety Board Hearing on air medical safety on behalf of medical crew members. His educational background includes an Associate's Degree in Nursing, a Bachelor's of Science/Allied Health and a Master's in Public Health and Masters in Health Practitioner Education from the Vanderbilt School of Medicine. Kevin speaks regularly to professional groups locally, nationally and internationally on issues impacting emergency medicine and healthcare organizations. Born and raised in Tennessee, he resides in Nashville.


Kevin High RN, MPH, MHPE

Senior Associate

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