X-Porte Workflow



Hit the “ENTER patient information” tab on the homescreen.





 Scan in the patient’s MRN with the barcode reader OR type in the patient’s MRN into the ID field





The person doing the study should enter their VUnet ID into the “reading doctor” field. If you’re an attending, also enter your VUnet ID into the “referring doctor” field. If you are a resident AND you know the attending’s VUnet ID, enter it into the “referring doctor” field after entering your VUnet ID into the “reading doctor” field.





If you had to type in the MRN, you will need to scroll down to access the “reading doctor” and “referring doctor” fields.




Select the “Transducer & Exam” button at the top of the page.





Select the correct exam under the probe you plan to use. (Note = You may need to the exam button twice if the last exam was completed with a different probe). Hit the “SCAN” button to begin scanning.





Perform your study. Save images or clips.






End the exam by hitting the “End Exam” button. A new window will pop up wanting you to confirm this. Hit “okay”, and your exam will be ended and sent to QPath.