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Intern Ultrasound Rotation Requirements


Welcome to the Emergency Ultrasound Rotation! You will be spending three weeks with us living and breathing emergency ultrasound. By the end of these three weeks, you will acquire the skills necessary to perform vital emergency ultrasound exams to take excellent care of your patients.n. 

There are three different levels of ultrasound certification that you will complete during residency. During your intern rotation, you will complete “Level 1” certification. The requirements of the Intern US Rotation encompass 4 areas. You will need to complete each of the 4 elements to obtain “Level 1” certification and complete the rotation. Those elements are as follows


1. 3rd Rock US modules 1-10

2. 3rd Rock Cases 1-6

3. Vandy Peripheral IV insertion

4. Vandy Hydronephrosis

5. Vandy LVEF estimation

6. Vandy Lung

7. Vandy FAST (upper quadrant and pelvic views)

Complete the following scans:

1. EFAST = 25

2. Basic ECHO: 25

3. Renal = 25

4. Lung = 25

5. Aorta =15

6. Trans abdominal Pregnancy: 10

7. DVT =5

8. PIV insertions: 10

Image Review with Ultrasound Faculty:

1. Trauma

2. Renal

3. Basic ECHO

4. Lung


1. Written

2. Oral 



Click below to download the packet for the ultrasound component of the intern rotation 


Ultrasound Component Packet 


Click below to download the packet for the OSUE Packet 


OSUE Packet 


Click below to download the packet for the US Certification Levels 


US Certification Levels