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At Vanderbilt, we take great pride in providing excellent Emergency Ultrasound training. This includes ultrasound courses, hands-on training with renowned faculty and interactive didactics. Residents leave residency having performed over 400 Emergency Ultrasound exams within the scope of applications outlined in ACEPs 2008 Emergency Ultrasound Guidelines.



We also offer a one-year Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship for residency graduates who want to become experts in the field of Emergency Ultrasound. During their fellowship, fellows will have the opportunity to scan not only in the ED, but also in the ICU, in the Sports Medicine Clinic and internationally in Guyana. Fellowship graduates will meet ACEPs 2010 Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship Guidelines.



For residents, as part of your emergency medicine training at Vanderbilt, we will provide you with the best didactic and hands-on ultrasound experience possible. Interns receive introductory training during their orientation month in July to prepare them to start learning and utilizing ultrasound early on. In addition, all residents benefit from Emergency Ultrasound rotations during both their intern and PGY-2 years. 



Emergency Ultrasound Conference is held every Monday morning for 12:00-12:30pm immediately following Trauma conference.