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Global Health Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship Resident Rotations Guyana Living & Working in Guyana Publications

global health

Program information

The Division of International Health is an important component of our residency program. We provide emergency medicine residents with an in-depth education in global health issues and tropical medicine through didactic lectures, case conferences, and our tropical medicine teaching cases. We have faculty mentors who have been fellowship trained in Global Health and others with training and experience in tropical medicine. Our faculty also have a vast experience with organizations such as Medecins Sans Frontieres, International Medical Corps, and DMAT. Our primary international partnership is at Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation in Guyana where we have developed an emergency medicine training program in conjunction with our partners in Guyana.  



We have been committed to educational programs at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation in Guyana since 2002 and are extensively involved in emergency care in the country. We have worked closely with key stakeholders in the development of a three year emergency medicine residency program in Guyana. Dr. Nico Forget served as the founding residency director of this unique EM training program. It has now been handed over to a local graduate of the EM residency training program, Dr. Zelda Luke, who works in conjunction with the executive residency director from Vanderbilt, Dr. Tiffany Alexander. Under the leadership of Dr. Shannon Langston, we have developed a national EMS system. Vanderbilt residents participate extensively in our programs in Guyana. We are involved in a variety of other training programs and projects in Guyana. Recent courses we have taught include emergency ultrasound, triage and nursing education, intimate partner violence, ACLS, PALS and PALS instructor courses, neonatal resuscitation, wound care. Under the leadership of Dr. Shannon Langston, we are the developing a national EMS system. Research is an importnat component of our program in Guyana. 




 Our faculty and fellows also participate in a variety of projects in Ukraine with Dr. Brian McMurray. Brian is a former Vandy faculty member and is now the ACEP ambassador to Ukraine. Our faculty and fellows work closely with Brian on educational projects in Kiev and in several smaller cities in the country. One of our faculty, Dr. Jeffry McKinzie, has had a multi-year involvement in a program in rural Zambia that involves health screening and HIV counseling and care. His most recent publication from this program was "A comparison of HIV detection rates using routine opt-out provider-initiated HIV testing and counseling versus a standard of care approach in a rural African setting" which was published in 2011 in JAIDS.




Our goal is to provide our residents with the best possible exposure to global health and tropical medicine as they relate to emergency medicine. We also work with residents to arrange other international rotations to meet their individual needs. Residents have done rotations in Guyana, Peru, Bolivia, Haiti, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, St. Vincent, Vietnam, India, Nepal, New Zealand, Romania, Liberia, Zambia and Ghana among other places.



The Division of International Health is proud to sponsor the Emergency Medicine Global Health Scholar Program. This program is available for our residents and fellows and provides funding for clinical rotations at Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation in Guyana. Residents and fellows chosen for the program have the opportunity to help with the local emergency medicine residency training program and are able to provide direct clinical care in this exciting and unique emergency department. Scholars are supervised by onsite Vanderbilt faculty members




We offer a one to two year fellowship in Global Emergency Medicine that is individually designed based upon the interests and career goals of each fellow. Fellows spend between three to five months abroad each year working on a variety of projects.


For more information about this program please contact one of the members of the Division of International Health:


John Paul Rohde, MD – Global Health Division Head

Nico Forget, MD, MPH – Immediate past Global Health Fellowship Director and GPHC Residency Director

Kristen Dettorre, MD – Global Health Fellowship Director, Global Health Fellow (2009-2010)

Shannon Langston, MD – Global Health Fellow (2010-2012)

Brian Bales, MD – Global Health Fellow (2012-2013)

Tiffany Alexander, MD – Global Health Fellow (2013-2015)

Jordan Rupp, MD - Global Health Fellow (2015-2016)

Joe Reardon, MD – Global Health Fellow (2016-2018)

Jamie Cirbus, MD – Global Health Fellow (2017-2018)

Ian Jones, MD - Vice Chairman for Clinical Affairs VUH

Stephan Russ, MD - Associate Chief of Staff VUH

Kendra Parekh, MD - Director of Undergraduate Education VUH