Diversity at Vanderbilt





Over the last 6 years, since the formation of the Office for Diversity in Medical Education at Vanderbilt, there has been a clear effort on the part of Vanderbilt to increase its good faith efforts to diversify its house staff in all of its disciplines. The initial work was shouldered by Dr. George Hill of the Office for Diversity in Medical Education.


In keeping with the diversity strategic plan, and to expand the efforts to include house staff, the Office for Diversity in House Staff and Faculty Affairs was created in the summer of 2007. The goal of this office is to seek out, recruit and incorporate diverse medical students into the ranks of our house staff program. Furthermore, this office will work collaboratively with all of our major departments (clinical and research) to identify potential new faculty members and department chairs. Through the Office of the Dean, in partnership with the Office of Graduate Medical Education, we are committed to increasing our recruiting and retention efforts.


Through the efforts of this office, we will develop and create an environment of support for our medical students, as well as our house officers. We are committed to helping our medical students feel comfortable in their studies and assisting our house officers to develop their research potential. With the help of the Office of Research, as well as Dr. Nancy Brown, one of our key research mentors, we will connect interested house officers to appropriate research mentors. Furthermore, we will develop a professional mentorship network to help ease the transition from medical student to house officer roles. These mentors will be selected from current house officers and faculty. We will ensure that they are well prepared to provide the support and assistance needed in a large academic research environment such as Vanderbilt University Medical Center.



We seek to bring the best residents, fellows and faculty from all ethnic, racial and gender groups into this great Medical Center. As we broaden our reach, it will enrich our environment and make Vanderbilt a leader in promoting people of diverse backgrounds.


One webpage cannot answer all the questions you have concerning our house staff programs. If you decide you would like to learn more about Vanderbilt, please contact us through our email address, or you can call us directly at 615-343-7958. We look forward to talking to you about coming to visit us and also to assist you in your application process to our various house staff programs. I look forward to assisting you as you consider opportunities with Vanderbilt.

Dr. André Churchwell, Associate Dean for Diversity in House Staff and Faculty Affairs 
Associate Professor of Medicine (Cardiology), Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute 
Associate Professor of Radiology and Radiological Sciences 
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering



Lashonda Moore, Executive Secretary to Associate Dean André Churchwell 

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