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CRAFT (Care, Review, Assessment, and Feedback Tool) is a Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) Health Services, Research, and Development (HSR&D)-funded study (I01HX003057) led by Drs. Michael Ward and Michael Matheny to develop and deliver feedback on the care and outcomes for Veterans with acute upper respiratory tract infections and those prescribed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) seen in the emergency department, urgent care clinic, and urgent primary care settings. Below you'll find educational content and materials specific to the grant itself.

Getting Started with CRAFT

1. Introduction to CRAFT (6 mins)
3. CRAFT QuizTime CME (3 mins)
2. Getting Started with CRAFT -Tutorial (6 mins)
4. Resources for CRAFT (2 mins)
5. Academic Detailing (1 min)
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