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Tuesday, 22 October 2013 14:52
Excellent Emergency Ultrasound Training

At Vanderbilt, we take great pride in providing excellent emergency ultrasound training. This includes ultrasound courses, hands-on training with renowned faculty and interactive didactics. Residents leave residency having performed over 400 emergency ultrasound exams within the scope of applications outlined in ACEPs 2008 Emergency Ultrasound Guidelines.

Ultrasound Fellowship

We also offer a one-year Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship for graduating residents who want to become experts in the field of emergency ultrasound. Fellows will have an opportunity to perfect their sonographic technique and interpretation skills. They will also have the opportunity to scan not only in the ED, but also the ICU, the Sports Medicine Clinic and internationally in Guyana. Fellowship graduates will meet ACEPs 2010 Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship Guidelines.

Hands-On Training

For residents, as part of your emergency medicine training at Vanderbilt, we will provide you with the best didactic and hands-on ultrasound experience possible. All residents spend two months doing ultrasound. Your emergency ultrasound education begins early. As part of your orientation month, you will have a one-day hands-on ultrasound course. This will be followed by 3 additional half-days spent with faculty in a small group setting learning the basic emergency ultrasound exams.

For Interns

Interns spend a 4-week block on the combined ultrasound/ anesthesia rotation. During this month, you will spend mornings in the OR intubating patients. In the afternoons, you will spend time in the ED learning bedside ultrasound. During your second year, you will another 4-week ultrasound rotation. This time, it will be paired with your EMS rotation.

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