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Tuesday, 22 October 2013 15:07


Emergency Medicine Ultrasound

 PGY2 Rotation Overview 

Welcome to the PGY-2 Emergency Ultrasound Rotation! We are excited to have you joining us again. You will be rotating on ultrasound as part of the EMS block. The goal of this rotation is to strengthen exam performance in areas that may need improvement or clarity. You are also encouraged to explore in depth any areas of Emergency Ultrasound that interest you. In addition, we want you to spend time teaching any rotating interns, students, or off-service residents. In ultrasound the key method in remaining proficient is to teach others.


You will need to complete the following tasks by the end of your rotation:

1. Rotation overview

2. Weekly rotation checklist

3. Take the OSUEs (Observed Structured Ultrasound Exams)

4. Take the online ultrasound exams

5. Participate in the “24-Hour Ultrasound Show Down”

Click here to download the packet for the ultrasound component of the PGY-2 rotation

Ultrasound Component Packet PGY-2

Click here to download the OSUEs packet for the PGY-2 rotation

PGY-2 OSUEs Packet
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