Vanderbilt Emergency Medicine

December 2013 Notes from Dr. Wrenn
The following are heard loud and clear:

We need to work on the PICU to teach more. I’m not sure we will ever get a lot of procedures there because it is so Fellow focused. But you should get a better balance of teaching v service than appears to be the case now. Will meet with their leadership to discuss this slippage.

We will continue to work with Peds EM to try to get you a better working environment. I need to get some data to take to them about relative volumes and then we will re-meet and discuss specifics. There are lots of options, like capping numbers or getting them to do more notes. Know that you are valuable there and ultimately we will have a better environment because they can’t do without you.

Please come to the meeting next Tuesday December 11, at 1 pm, even if you can’t come to conference, as the institution is rolling out a new admissions policy which I had no part in building. I want you there to listen carefully and raise questions if you have them.

In terms of our evolving feedback system, we are still working out kinks in a couple of areas. We are experimenting with a computer-based matching system to match faculty with residents over each quarter by amount of clinical contact. The initial version had some issues but we are going to try a different system. If we can’t get the matching right, we may just have to revert to the old system of sending the feedback forms to all faculty for all residents. Please bear with us while we are in this evolving process. We have had 2 meetings of the Core Competency Committee to use the new Milestones format. The first iteration was done with incomplete data and we could not say that we were doing things exactly right, but there appeared to be internal consistency in the results. The second iteration went much better, both because of increased familiarity with the Milestones themselves and because we had a lot more up to date data to use. Again, this is a process in evolution so bear with us and we would be happy to hear feedback if you have problems or to answer any questions you might have. You should be getting feedback from your mentor in early January.

Please see your mentor when they contact you so you can talk about your progress and any issues.

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