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Friday, 10 May 2013 13:35
Resources and Information
The following are links to a variety of resources mentioned during the lab. None are endorsed by Vanderbilt University Medical Center, the Departemnt of Emergency Medicine or the lab faculty but are offered to students for their own reference.


Links of Interest

Purchase Equipment

Source for fiberoptic laryngoscopes, handles and bougies


Practical Emergency Airway Management Course (the Levitan Cadaver Course)

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Month Dates Notes
April 10th
May 1st
June 5th
July 10th and 24th
August 14th
September 4th
October 9th
November 13th
December 18th
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The Lab
The lab has undergone some major changes. With the support of Dr.'s Slovis and Wrenn we began this lab in 2008 to provide airway management and laryngoscopy instruction/practice to our resident group and faculty using human cadavers. We also included the staff from LifeFlight.
Since then the lab has grown by leaps and bounds in popularity. We have decided to offer the lab to Vanderbilt faculty, fellows and residents on a first come, first serve basis. Emergency Medicine residents, faculty and LifeFlight staff will continue to have preference for openings. Participation in the lab is at the discretion of the lab coordinator.
What We Offer
The lab offers instruction using two adult cadavers; we focus predominately on laryngoscopy and airway management principles. We have a Storz fiberoptic device on hand to utilize also. Students are able to perform surgical/percutaneous cricothyrotomy, use supraglottic airways, perform tube thoracostomy, pericardiocentisis and use the EZ IO drill. The lab begins at 9am and concludes by noon.
The fee for non-Emergency Medicine/LifeFlight staff will be $85.00; it may be paid by departmental 1180 or personal check. Payment is expected prior to the lab. Students cancelling seven days prior to the lab will receive full refunds; cancellations fewer than seven days prior will not receive a refund.
Next Class
The 2013 dates are as follows:
  • MonthDay
  • April 10
  • May 1
  • June 5
  • July10
  • July 24
  • August 14
  • September 4
  • October9
  • November 13
  • December18
Tempo: The Ecocardiogram Teacher
ECGs are very specific. You have to look at them in extreme detail in order to diagnose the patient properly. We've made teaching ECGs easy with this exciting tool. We can now take actual ecocardiograms from our ED and upload them to our newest service which strips out all of the patient information, animates the actual waveform, allows you to annotate, pan and tilt etc. all from an actual ECG.
HTML 5 Video Gallery
We're taking video to a whole new level. We've created a fully capable video gallery using webM, h.264, ogg, and wmv standards to quickly get you the content you want to see. Share videos with friends, embed our videos on your pages. Interact with our video on a much larger scale.
An Exciting new frontier for Emergency Medicine. We've taken all of our video content and optimized it for viewing on a wide range of desktop and living room displays. All of the content is delivered via web server to the browser which is played back-to-back like a normal television experience. We have the ability to add and take away content simply by using our custom toolkit and you as the user have the ability to skip ahead, make playlists and star individual videos using your smartphone or Google TV.