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The department has certainly grown throughout the years and all that it is today wouldn't be possible without the amazing contributions of our
distinguished alumni. While many have moved on to do great things, many have stayed on to help mold future generations of talented emergency
medical doctors. Taking a minute to stroll the halls of our ever expanding department at Oxford House and that of both of our EDs, you'll find that
while our facilities are ever changing and upgrading along with innovations in care one thing remains the same: our teaching. At the department of
Emergency Medicine we still pride ourselves in excellent training both in and out of the classroom. We still strive to become better every day.

The mission is simple. The One Hour campaign was designed to give our alumni the chance to give back to program by contributing directly to the
residents' learning experience. We ask that you consider giving the equivalent of 1 hour's worth of salaried pay in support. With your help, we can
mold the next generation into a truly great set of doctors and clinicians.

There’s getting to be a lot of us now, but we remain connected. Please know some things have not changed since your training:
Dr. Wrenn still has the same clothes on from when you trained; my attempts at humor still are not yet on track; and the Union
Mission still relies on us.

Some of you have recently graduated and are familiar with many of our newest accomplishments, others of you may be
somewhat surprised (and even a little impressed) by how we have grown.

Some of our proudest accomplishments include: 

  • Doubling the size of our Adult ED to 46 beds
  • Grown to 36 Residents (12-12-12)
  • Assumed Medical Direction for the VA’s ED and staffing selected shifts
  • Having EM based, federally funded investigations with NIH RO1 and K-23 Awards
  • Continue to Operate the most interactive ED Informatics System in the world with easy MD order entry

These five things are just some of many that we look forward to sending you more details on. Today, all I ask is that you send me your latest contact
information. I’ve enclosed the contact information that we have in our database. Please update this information and return it in the envelope I have
provided. This will ensure that records are up-to-date.

Hope to see you soon,

May 3rd, 2014 Reunion Dinner:20 Years of Excellence in Emergency Medicine

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